About US

 Hello friends, My name is Sujit Roy, I am the owner of WB Job Alert website. it is very difficult to get a job in West Bengal these days. It is even more difficult to find a government job in West Bengal.  In this situation, we have decided to make it easy for you to get the job notices that are constantly coming out in the state.  If you visit our website regularly, you will always find new jobs and you will not have to look for job advertisements anywhere else.  You will get new job updates every day so that if you are looking for any government job or any private job in West Bengal, from here you will get all the detailed information about the job.  The news we provide here is 100% true.

 What is the purpose of this website

 In terms of work, we see that millions of workers are recruited in one sector or another every year in West Bengal.  Many people are looking for a job but they can’t get any job update like Time because they don’t get the right information.  We have created this website mainly for the educated youth of West Bengal to find their jobs.